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Noise & Vibration Measuring Service Controls Consultants Singapore

Noise & Vibration Measuring Service Controls Consultants Singapore

We adopt practical and systematic approach to a vast range of acoustic issues, resolving them by prevention or cure. Our multi-disciplinary engineers have the ability to rapidly and accurately analyse, design and specify cost-effective resolutions for challenging acoustic, noise and vibration related issues. Our professional services includes:

  • Environmental, Architectural, Building and Studio Acoustics
  • Environmental & Façade Noise Modelling
  • Noise Impact Assessment (NIA)
  • Noise & Vibration Control
  • Audio Visual System Design
  • Field Acoustic Testing & Troubleshooting
  • HVAC Ductborne Noise Calculation
  • Prediction of sound insulation and impact isolation of construction elements

Field Testing Capabilities

Our state-of-the art hand-held / portable instrument and post-processing software have the capabilities of carrying out the following field tests according to ISO, ASTM and major European Standards:

  • Reverberation time by impulse and interrupted methods.
  • Sound insulation of separating wall.
  • Sound insulation of building facades.
  • Echo study and tracing of problematic reflected sound rays.
  • In-situ equipment Sound Power Level testing using intensity method, according to ISO 9614.
  • Impact isolation of floor (IIC).
  • Fast Fourier Transform narrow band noise and vibration analyses.
  • Narrow time Interval noise & vibration data logging.
  • Machinery vibration analyses.
  • Structural / machinery vibration modal test using impact hammer.
  • Speech Intelligibility and sound system performance test.
  • Building Green Mark noise verification.
  • Noise source identification and imaging.

Noise Controls & Vibration Measuring Consultants Singapore