The INSUL and Zorba software are developed by Marshall Day Acoustics, Auckland - New Zealand. AES is the distributor for Singapore and Malaysia. They are quick tools for prediction of sound insulation and the absorption performance of porous systems respectively.

INSUL - Predicting Sound Insulation


INSUL is a program for predicting the sound insulation of walls, floors, roofs, ceilings and windows, impact sound of floors and rain impact noise on roof. The programme can make good estimates of the Transmission Loss (TL) or Impact Sound (Ln) in 1/3 octave bands and Weighted Sound Reduction Index (STC or Rw) or Impact Rating (IIC/LnTw) for use in noise transfer calculations or acoustical design or specification.

INSUL can be used to quickly evaluate new materials and systems, or to investigate the effects of changes to existing designs. It models materials using well known elastic plate theory including allowances for thick panel effects as published by Ljunggren, Rindell and others. More complex partitions are modelled using work by Sharp, Cremer and others.

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ZORBA - Sound Absorption Prediction Software


The new software ZORBA is a quick tool for predicting the absorption performance of porous systems with perforated facings. This tool is ideal for the investigation of acoustically critical rooms such as studios, concerts halls, class room, lecture theatres and others.

ZORBA has been developed in collaboration with acoustic consultants to ensure user friendly features (Report Generators, data export etc). This makes the software convenient and practical.

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